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It was dark out, around midnight, possibly later. His darker twin slept in the bed across from his. They used to share a bed, but things stared getting too violent with Dark in the same bed.

The blonde still had claw marks where they should never be. He really did wonder what the darker one dreamed about?

He wasn't in bed like he was supposed to be. He was sitting on the windowsill looking at the full moon. How he wished he was at his home staring at the night sky. But no...

He was the only human left. Everyone else was a demon and a man too. He would never live his dream of having a child, or a wife, or a family. But according to Ghirahim, they were his family.

He clenched his fists. He wanted to go home. There were countless nights he wished he would wake up to Zelda's calm soothing voice. He itched his arm just above where the cut out of the first diamond was on his glove.

His skintight clothing was really bothering him lately, (Possibly because he spent more time with it off then on,) and he was tired of wearing it. The outfit showed every curve on his body and that only seemed to make the demons want him more. At least he wasn't the only one required to wear it.

From his first days of slavery, Ghirahim explained that either he would wear the black clothing, or he could walk around nude. Either way was quite all right to them. Link chose the clothing of course.

Though he couldn't really complain.

Besides the sleepless nights, lack of education, and outfit, life was amazing. The constant pleasure had become so addicting. Him and his darker half loved to experiment with different things they could find around the castle grounds, from feathers from a bird, to smooth carved pieces of wood.

Yes, they messed around with anything they could find when they were bored. Though they were careful not to have their masters know they were doing activities without them.

He wondered where Fi was though. His sword spirit who addressed him as "master" was a great companion. And some days when e felt as if he couldn't go any further, Fi would urge him to go on. He was brave, and strong and-

He failed. He witnessed the goddess's soul being eaten by the Demon King. A tear slid from his crystal blue eye and down his cheek where it hit his leg. He didn't cry often because if he did, he was mocked and laughed at.

He let the demons get to him, he was like a Keese stuck in a Skulltula's web. He wasn't going anywhere. Where would he go? Sure, the gate of time was still there for Ghirahim's reasons, and though Impa was dead, the old Zelda was still in that orange crystal of that time, but what would he do?

The only reason she was left alone was because if she was killed in the past, Demise would've never risen meaning, he never would've had to exist!

"Why are you awake? And especially at this hour?" His dark twin's voice startled him.

"Lost in thought." The teen replied wiping the tears from his eyes. A frozen pale hand rested on his shoulder making him jump.

"What's on your mind hero?" Dark mocked.

"The past." Link replied looking to his hands.

"Aww, does someone need a hug?" Yes. But not from Dark, from Zelda.

"If you're plan is to mock me don't waste your so needed breath." Link bit out bitterly.

"I'm only playing!" Dark chuckled like that excused anything. "Why don't you allow me to make your mind go blank? I'll let your body have the relaxation it craves." Dark whispered lustfully into the boy's pointed ear.

Link sighed. Dark's tone of voice meant he was going to have sex no matter what. Turning around Link sighed.

"My options?" Link asked.

"Well, if you get bored, fake it." Dark's fangs gleamed into the night sky, his white teeth reflecting the light of the moon. "Just hold back that voice of yours this time. I'm not getting caught again." Dark hissed biting Link's ear playfully.


It was past six in the morning, and Link and Dark where no where in sight! Ghirahim smoothed his hair out and opened the door to their room where he saw the two identical boys passed out.

They were only decent because of the blanket covering their lower halves, other than that, black clothing was randomly hanging off of things around the room. A glove on the door knob, a pair of shorts hanging off of the head board on Dark's bed, two socks on the windowsill, and more.

It was cute how Dark was laying on top of Link with a satisfied look on his relaxed face. Link on the other hand had new bruises and scratches and bite marks. Ghirahim did admit that Dark was more violent than Demise would ever be with his boys.

Ghirahim smiled with a gleam in his eye. The two boys were in trouble and they probably knew it.

"Oh, wait until master hears about this..." Ghirahim chuckled before walking back to the throne room. Today may not be so boring after all.
Maybe this will become a multiple chapter thing. Maybe not.


Clothes belong to Yueki.
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